What did Qingyun Ma do in Yushan Town ten years ago that attracted the famous Spanish architects here today?

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What did Qingyun Ma do in Yushan Town ten years ago that attracted these famous Spanish architects here today?

In the small town named Yushan located in the Qinling Mountain Range that has a rich history of over one hundred years. The people in Xi’an have heard about it but what we are going to talk about is not the famous jade article there, instead, we will focus on the architecture! First, look at this picture, it is not the warehouse of Tmall but actually an internationally famous building which applies the characteristics of Guanzhong dwellings. It took three years to design and build the architecture which was finished in the summer of 2014.



After all, the Tmall figure was born since March 29th 2012! But this is not enough, let us take a look at this stone house. It is called Father’s House designed by Qingyun Ma. You must know this great architect, who is much more famous than Yun Ma in the architecture field, the dean of architecture department at the University of Southern California. He is also one of the founders of MADAs.p.a.m.,  expert for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the judge of the best guild hall in the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, and founder of Jade Valley!


You must be curious that how could he invite the famous Spanish catalonia architects Jaime Font Furest and Pedro García Hernández! In June 30th 2015, accompany with Qingyun Ma, Zheng Wang, Jiaxiang Liang and Yan Luo(principles of He Fu Hui Huang Company), Dahai Sun(principle of Di Yi Real Estate) and representatives of Northwest Community Alliance, our foreign friends visit the buildings in Yushan Town. We also tasted the great red wine made by Jade Valley, visited the red brick dwellings and enjoyed the natural scenery far away from the urban area.



Our foreign friends seem to see the rural buildings and the traditional drinking in Spain. They experience the feeling of hometown and they went to the site for a field trip. After exchanging their views with Dean Ma on his private vineyard architectural design, they had dinner together.



This is a cross subject, cross border cooperation initiated by Jade Valley. These two Spanish architects not only hope that they can bring some new ideas for the Yushan buildings but also hope that they can participate in the future development of the private vineyard and show the culture, architecture and nature of the world together in the International Red Wine Exhibition next year in Yuchuan. We believe that with the help of so many great architects and principles of real estate , Yushan Town will have a bright future.



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