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House is a machine used to live, but never out of the nature, even those too small to even a small house. The existence of the house itself is a kind of ambiguous, already can’t get away from the nature, and to distinguish it from the nature, because the house is a product of human (ready use the product of nature as shelter, as the cave). Because the person also is just a part of nature. Design positioning as a sojourner in nature of artificial shelters, one can’t get away from natural shelter of freedom, and a full just good temporary shelter between human and nature. Settled or nomadic, I will choose the unification, the human actually already settled down in the earth, the house the second dress, like the person with you.


Since the industrial revolution, up to now, the human really made cross-cutting progress on self development, but it doesn’t, it is impossible to become the guise of conquering nature, nature is not a bottleneck of the development of human itself, if take destroying nature at the cost of development, can only be toward self-destruction, symbiosis with nature is a good choice for the sustainable development of human beings.