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There are multiple benefits in the poetic concept of natural living – the most important of them
is the ability of dwellers to experience nature – increasing their awareness and effectively
teaching them to respect the world and live in a more sustainable way. But construction of
interventions in pristine environment has some inevitable negative impacts on fragile and pristine
environments- it increases the zone of influence of human impact on nature reducing the area
of unaffected habitat.
But what if one could create a proposal that harnesses all the benefits and neutralises the
negative impacts? What if the ‘seed’ intervention could become entirely scarless – minimising its
impact on the ecosystem and its habitat, but still connect with the natural surroundings in a
charming way? If it could freely relocate, without Damaging the occupied ground? Or what if
the proposal could become something even more than that- a micro-intervention that could be
deployed in a once pristine site (that is now damaged by human activity) and subtly regenerate it
by providing invaluable habitat for local species, slowly restore natural balance and provide
knowledge about its current state? And at the end of its life span it could fully integrate with
nature and improve its state even more?
This are the key topics explored by our team in this competition entry that propose an optimised
and small floating house with laboratory that connects with nature in a unique way, but does
not affect it any negative ways.