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The main objective is to create an integrated approach for a new architectural paradigm.  To create community or shelter including elements like the space relationship between nature and people residing in the shelter  and the recreational spaces like courtyards or waterfall and also location of the spaces. Making use of construction techniques that are cheap, portable, simple and easy to assemble.

My concept of this project is “Living in the trees”. I wish to design a temporary shelter with culture heritage and good ecological benefit. So I tried to study the local multi-culture and residents’ lifestyle carefully, and wish to maintain life balance between custom and new people residing there.

Analysis of nature is a major concept in ecological design.. Therefore, a basic start of the design is to protect the site naturally and turn it into an ecological shelter of the city, which citizens and tourists can enjoy their spare time in this public space. Moreover, houses should play an important role in the landscape of the park. To achieve the above factors, the idea was to design temporary shelter by  making use of shipping container. An ideal building material  designed to carry heavy loads, stacked in high columns and resistant to harsh environment. The main philosophy is A ‘MULTI-INTERACTIVE SPACE’, We as an architect need to create an environment like a mother’s womb does for the child, which these people like, like interactive spaces, low heighted structure, cozy enclosures common sit-outs.