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It was dusk and the sky announced a snowstorm was coming; the temperature was descending as the last rays of sunlight lit the horizon in the meadow. All she saw was the white landscape, far ahead she could see a few treetops but around her there were only twigs and overgrown dry grass. She could hear the sound of the wind and the chirping of a few birds that would surely find refuge in the branches of the trees.


She needed to find shelter, her hands were cold and her feet wet from walking in the snow. She knew she couldn’t reach the trees before night time, and as she listened to the birds she remembered a garden in her childhood, where she saw birds building their nests and decided she could do just that. She gathered some twigs and built a circular structure tying them together using the grass for the task.

She tangled the grass and used it to cover the structure she had made, creating a sort of a sphere with a small entrance. When she finished, exhausted, she went in to spend the night; she knew she had to be on her way the next morning…