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This summer me and a two other friends went on a two week long backpacking trip through the Colorado wilderness. Among the many challenges we faced on the trail–snow, water, mud–our one piece of shelter, our tent, provided a great deal more. The tent provided little shelter from the frigid temperatures in the evening and got incredibly hot in the morning when the sun rose. In addition to the issues which stemed from our tent were issues of energy. While I understand that many people take to the outdoors to escape technology and electronics, there are many situations where the ability to create energy in the outdoors can be very useful. Charging a GPS for example, or a phone in the case of an emergency. Perhaps you would really like to get photo documentation, but your camera’s battery wont last very long. Upon returning home after my trip, I saw the @all SEED competition and began to think about the challenges me and my friends had faced in the wild, and how I might be able to solve them. From my thinking came the idea for a solar tent, a high caliber tent which not only features a highly adatable tent body and cover, but also has integrated photo-voltaic panels to harvest energy from the sun. The tent would be light and durbale, making it an ideal shelter to take on a cmaping trip, and it would also allow you to charge electronic devices—perhaps even vehicles one day—vastly extending the distance you can travel before needing to return to civilization. All in all, I believe the Solar Tent provides a dynamic solution to the many problems facing human habitation in the outdoors. Once built it can begin to offset the embodied energy used to fabricate it by harvesting the renewable energy of the sun to power its inhabitants electronic devices.