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The design here considered the flexibility of spaces and availability of resources. The shelter will be developed by the collaboration of organisation, companies and the inhabitants. The design has been kept simple considering the time constraints and the participants (inhabitants) of the shelter.

The structure is part of an evolutionary process just like the growth of a SEED. In the first stage a skeletal version of the shelter will be installed. Then the companies will install the PVC sheets bearing their advertisements. These PVC sheets will act as skin to the structure. The companies will pay some amount to the inhabitants for advertising. This money will be used further in the second stage.

In the second stage the money collected will be used to further strengthen their shelter and a double layered bamboo wall will be constructed for the purpose of insulation and can be used in the third stage.

The bamboo walls will be repositioned to make a bigger space which can be used for the purpose of outdoor living units.

The material chosen for the construction is bamboo here mainly because it is environment friendly. It is easy to transport, available in plenty, can be recycled and also very cheap in price. Other materials like metal structures cannot be used as the inhabitant might sell it to earn some additional income.

The design of the shelter speaks to the people; it understands the requirements and evolves. The space evolves. Hence it is special evolution.