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South-east Asia, and its inhabitants, are often subject to the harsh realities of living in an economically and politically deprived area. The lack of a stable and corruption-free government means there is little to no funding for those in need of assistance, financial or otherwise. The situation is made more troublesome by the severe weather patterns of the area. Heavy rain and wind during monsoon season often causes severe flooding and destruction of local villages. Local houses built are often suited to a very low standard of living, yet it often takes months or years to recover from even a small disaster. In addition, this area is often subject to geo-political instability which can result in both civil and international conflicts leaving many homeless. Because of this, our design proposal for the SEED competition is a temporary shelter that provides post-disaster relief to victims of this scenario. The purpose of our shelter is to act as a home for refugees or those left homeless after disastrous events. Inspired by the philosophy of living with as few necessities as possible, the shelter is in every aspect only as luxurious as is required for survival. It is designed to be constructed with local techniques and locally sourced materials which can be assembled quickly and easily by unskilled labourers. Because the shelter is constructed entirely of organic material such as timber, bamboo, and foliage, it can easily biodegrade after its primary use has expired.