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We told a story of a common man, to show our imagination of such shelter—flexible, assembled and multifunctional.

Through watching the man’s behavior change and the corresponding scene, we find a reasonable solution to build such a shelter. Only use a pipe and four sizes of plate, we can make many possibilities.

It would be a furniture like STAIRCASE, SHELF, or DESK…

It would be a space like STOREROOM, DINING HALL or STUDY….

It would be a shelter itself like a CAMPANY or a HOME etc…

So, it’s more than an installation. We could create shelters by ourselves.

It’s environment-friendly. Whenever you don’t need a storeroom, you can make it become an office. Whenever you don’t need a desk, you can change it to a shelf.

Next, less is more. This installation should be low cost and mass production. Considering that, the combination of a pipe and four kinds of plates is very competitive.

Finally, how could such an installation actually come into use? The answer is human scale. So we have many examination and improvement to look for a right scale.

Everything in the Day Dream is imaginary but can also be real. Maybe the man in the story will be you and me one day, but we all know whenever life lies to you, everything will be OK.

That’s all we want to say–

Our imagination of individual shelter’s form. Our consideration of mass production. Our love and hope of human being’s life in the future.

That’s where we start our design and how much we want to make the world a little better.