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The project to build a single-storey house for a family of 3 people.

This home allows you to create the conditions for the preservation and development of traditional farming with modern materials.

Factory Set provides for easy transportation and assembly without special equipment own hands.

The price of the house does not exceed the value of the car.

Installation of the house for two days and shall not require the construction loan. The cost of maintenance is minimal, the lowest energy consumption for heating, the house is not in need of repair.

The living area required for an autonomous life – 28 sq. m., 6 m diameter dome.

The design is simple and technologically, is not afraid to frequent assembly and dismantling.

Folding gridshell.

House in the form of a dome the Chebyshev grid has equal length diagonal elements and elements of different length horizontal zones. Used 4 sizes of elements. Folded dome has a length of 3000 mm., And a diameter of 500mm. Elastically flexible framework elements are made of polypropylene water pipes with diameter 25 – 40 mm. glass fiber reinforced and galvanized wire diameter of 3 mm. The wire forms a reliable and strong attachment points using the bent loops in length and at the ends of the elements. Bracing frame elements consist of screws and nuts. This solution makes it easy to solve the basic problem of the high cost and complexity of the nodal connections lattice shells. Bracing frame elements consist of screws and nuts. Such frame elements and generally perfectly working in torsion.

Folding frame gridshell dome top portion has two layers.

The upper layer of the reinforced tube and the inner wire.

Two layers of fabric to create the insulation and ventilation of the house, controlled thickness between the layers (200-300 mm.)

Russian patent №2012140990

Ecological footprint of the building.

All materials and cover the frame, steel wire, plastic pipes and tissue are obtained from recycling of plastic waste and scrap metal.

You feel delightfully among the expanses of pure nature. Surrounding want to buy yourself something like that, and your garden blooms on the terrace all year round!