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A LOw COnsumption UNIT is what Loco-unit intends to propose
This is a generic proposal to point out a principle of design thus no dimensions are indicated
The building is designed to fit in a tight urban spot and has to face the sun to better expose its solar panels
Every floor is designed to have two small rooms that are supplied with water and can be converted to a toilet. As
to the main space available it is highly efficient regarding its versatility. It can be divided in four ways: one, two,
three and fours spaces all with their private entrances and windows
To shape the building the technical choice of having the solar panel on top while also having a roof top farm add
a some what elegant posture. Due to the vertical lines which are enhanced the block appears to be elongated.
By using modular pre-casted construction elements the building’s budget gets lowered.
A light structure making use of metallic profiles, tensioned cables and assembling processes allow the building
to be less rigid and therefore more suitable for a site with high risk of instability grounds.
Low consumption energetic sustainability features:
Communal solar pannels
Also with rain water drain channeling part of the water to the water collectors and sprinkling some to the rooftop
farm bellow
Individual solar pannels
Besides their primal function work to provide shade for windows bellow since the climate is characterized by
intense heat
Roof top farm/plantation – organic soil
Where people can cultivate vegetables which promoted a green surface on top and generates food. The solar
panel is positioned in a way to avoid blocking the sun and also collects water to be sprinkled in the soil
Water tanks
Gather water from the rain on the top to later be used for private consumption and watering the farm
Absence of elevator
A 4 storey maximum high building possibilitates a set of crossing staircases to grant sufficient vertical access
Natural ventilation system
Crossing the building from one side to the other, helps preventing space from over heating
Narrow windows
Operable windows that work passively for thermal imperatives
Contributes to generating energy. An inteligent and motivational system that accumulates the energy people
create on gym aparatus to then be used to feed the building’s energetic needs