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Inspired by Laugier’s primitive hut, by using the intersection of two arches, this project created an inhabitable human shelter with a minimum occupation of nature which creates a space that is designed closely according to the scale of a human body with all necessary functions for surviving including entrance, sleeping space, seating space, ventilation outlets, observation points and storage for goods. The pointed arch structure mimics the growing of a bamboo shots that provides a strong and stable platform for base and a light and efficient structure that prevents nature hazard such as rain and hail from going into the inside of the shelter. Four adjustable legs are added underneath the main structure to provide an adoptive landing strategy that can fit into all different kinds of nature environments, and lifted the shelter above ground to prevent water intrusion and wild animal attacks. Operable panel are attached to the pointed arch structure to accommodate basic needs of human for inhabitation. The upper operable panels creates observation points and ventilation outlets for the inhabitant, the lower operable panels creates entrance for the inhabitant and the bottom operable panels creates an outdoor platform to extend the usable area for inhabitation. It is an ecological skin connecting to and separating from nature, a precise boundary defining the human intervention of nature in an elegant way.