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The design was inspired by the thinking of the life. Nirvana cycled. Life was reborn. It likes a seed brought through the soil.

However, the circle is the fear of the mother’s placenta and the fear of life.

The space is so flexible to move and create. It is better to interpret seed tenacious vitality.

Standing at the top of the natural and between heaven and earth, we can see the changing seasons in the daytime and see the passage of time at night. We realized the changes in time and space and the season, feeling the fusion of man and nature.

Appreciate and care of nature, in harmony with nature. The moon and stars and diurnal cycles reflect on buildings, producing a wonderful chemical reaction. The occurrence that natural evolution in the same building goes round and begin again.

The internal space is divided, increasing the efficiency of the space.

This special space had a positive effect on the existing city, providing citizens with the tabernacle and public space. And it constructed urban fabric again.

It is in harmony with the surrounding environment, to offset suture of the city space effectively. This is not only the rebirth of the city, but also the rebirth of architecture.