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Searching the ideal solution for modern shelter our team came up with an idea of creating small, stand-alone building which fit in almost every location and fulfil basic human needs. Our aim was to establish a structure that can provide asylum for turists far from civilization.



Due to universality of this project we decided to use archetypical shape – a sphere – which is widely regarded as “the ideal form”. One of the most difficult tasks was to create an object which will both – have unique modern appearance and fit in almost every landscape.  To achive that, we plan to use highly reflective materials – polished steel and a special type of glass. It will allow the building to merge into surrounding. Although it is not disappearing it is creating a new, richer space. In “Thinking Architecture”, Peter Zumthor compared new building to stone falling into the water. “We throw a stone into the water. Sand swirls up and settle again. The stir was necessary. The stone has found its place. But the pond is no longer the same.” This is exactly what we are trying to achieve.



Presented structure gives an opportunity to rest in comfort conditions during long trip or expedition and provides shelter for those who need safe place. The interior is divided into two separated areas – living room and a small toilet. Wanderers can use two multifunctional pieces of furniture which can serve as a sofa or a table with chair. It also contains of an extra storage space. Every unit is equiped with a toilet and a bathroom sink.


Technology & Structure

To provide water we decided to use two tanks (one for fresh and one for greywater) which are located beneath the floor. Greywater is collected effectively due to the spherical shape of the building. Fresh water supplies and waste disposal have to be made by administators but thanks to the large tanks which fit uder the floor unit can be self-sufficient for a few weeks before it runs out of supplies. The main power source of the building is a solar cell on the roof which charges battery located in lower part of the structure.

Few reasons affected the decision of using the light wooden structure and all of them concerns the characteristic features of the timber. It has to be alluded that wood is natural, renewable material which can be prefabricated into easily mounted and dissasembled parts. If the building will ever be abandoned it wouldn’t influence enviroment as badly as other types of materials.


Crucial features

The aim of our team was to create a building which is friendly to the environment, doesn’t disturb surrounding and meets the needs of people who would search for shelter. Due to light, not complicited structure it can be easily removed after serving it’s role.